Westhaven Honey

Local, RAW Honey


About Us

We are backyard beekeepers who produce a limited supply of local, RAW, wildflower honey for sale.  From our backyard in Greenville, DE to your table, truly local honey!  Our honeys are entirely unique from season to season and year to year, entirely dependent on what is currently blooming and what our bees choose to collect.

Family Beekeeping

Currently, we have one beehive in our backyard.  Our 7-year-old boys love having the bees in the backyard.  They are always eager to help tend to their bees, spin the extractor, and most of all taste the honey!

Taste the seasons

Our Spring honey is light in color, with a sweet floral flavor. Primarily clover, tulip poplar and other Spring blooms. 

Our Summer honey is amber in color with an almost caramel flavor.  It is a mixture of late Spring blooms with everything that has bloomed throughout the summer (including a variety of wildflowers, fruit blossoms, and whatever happens to be growing in our neighbors' gardens!)

Our honey is never filtered or heated and is as full of all of local pollen and the natural enzymes and minerals that it has in the hive.

We currently sell our 1lb jars of honey for $10. Contact us for sales information

Phone/Text: 239-896-7819

Email: westhavenhoney@gmail.com